The Big E-commerce conference

Watch this You Tube video to see my talk on “10 must know legalities on e-commerce and internet marketing

The rise of the mumpreneur

Dee Blick of the Marketing Gym featured me in her piece for the Financial Mail Women’s Forum on the rise of the mumpreneur.


The Lawyer Mum Who Found Her Perfect Niche

I was delighted to be featured in Legal Futures as a “legal pioneer” for being the only lawyer in the UK to exclusively focus on mumpreneur businesses.  I like the word “pioneer”, makes me feel all wild west…!

The Lawyer Mum Who Found Her Perfect Niche

Lawyers4mumpreneurs founder Suzanne Dibble crowned Best Business Support in Mumpreneur Awards

Business Matters Magazine, the UK’s leading SME magazine, featured me as a result of me winning the Best Business Support in the Mumpreneur Awards. Beware the large close up photo…!

Best Business Support in Mumpreneur Awards

Business Law Surgery on Brooklands FM, online community radio for North Surrey

I am pleased to announce that I am going to have a monthly radio show on Brooklands FM where I will be holding a business law surgery and advising local small businesses on any and all areas of business law. If you are a North Surrey small business and would like to be my guest and benefit from not only free legal advice but also the chance to promote your business, please do get in touch. The recorded shows will be posted on this page as a resource for my website users.

Suzanne Dibble interviewed by world renowned law blogger Charon QC

As part of Charon QC’s series of podcasts on the legal profession, I was interviewed about my reasons for setting up lawyers4mumpreneurs, my views on women in the law and the changing landscape of the legal profession.


Supermummy webinar – Flourish through Franchising

My webinar with Supermummy Mel McGee discussed key areas of franchising such as whether anyone can franchise their business, what sort of capital you need to start a franchise, the first steps to take in franchising, what sort of income you could expect from franchising your business, whether there any downsides to franchising, what you need to think about if you are looking to franchise overseas and what legal documentation you need for a franchise.


See more about Mel’s fantastic Supermummy membership site at

JustGoDirect – interview for Legal Brick Road

Innovative new legal jobs board Just Go Direct is more than just a jobsboard. One of the features on the site is a series of interviews with a wide variety of people within the legal profession. Read my interview here:


Family Friendly Working – interview with Antonia Chitty

I gave this interview to Antonia when I was just starting lawyers4mumpreneurs. That seems a long time ago now…


Interview on Sally James’ Business Affairs Show on Brooklands FM

The fantastic Sally James (ex Tiswas presenter and super Surrey business mum) discusses business law for small business with me and particularly why you need e-commerce terms and conditions with me.



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